shower tray


Acrylic shower tray with protruding sealing lips that have been thermoforming in the mass.

The Billennium shower tray is the first of its kind and was awarded with the silver medal at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions in 2000.
The upstanding lips are thermoformated in acryl to form a unit with the shower tray. These edges have a height of 3cm and a thickness of ±3mm. They are in direct contact with the walls and be covered for example with tiles or wall panels. The lips channel the water directly back into the shower tray, preventing penetration of water into the wall.
Attaching a silicone seal has only a esthetic aspect.

80x80cm2 lips
90x90cm2 lips
80x80cm3 lips
90x90cm3 lips


  • Shower tray feet
  • Wall mounting for 2 sides
  • Wall mounting for 3 sides
  • Shower tray support
  • 2-component expanding foam 400ml
  • Siphon with cover made from ABS in chrome
  • Siphon with cover made ​​of brushed stainless steel
  • Anti-slip coating